Foundation I Drawing

Cloth Drawing

A drawing done in charcoal

At first I thought this drawing was going to be a complicated and time consuming project. However I learned that drawing cloth is a lot of fun, and looks a lot harder then it really is.

Banana Chair

Graphite drawing

This drawing was for a homework assignment, that asked us to draw a chair in our house in perspective. I found this drawing to be a challenge at first, and I really enjoyed it.

Stack of Books

Made with graphite

This drawing was a real challenge for me. At first I tried making all kinds of perspective lines. After much failure, I decided to just go with the flow. It’s not perfect, but I liked the result in the end.

Contour Drawing

Drawn in graphite. (The image is flipped to its side because, each drawing was drawn opposite to each other.)

I liked contour drawing a lot, mostly because it reminds me of 3D modeling. In all reality it helps a ton with creating 3d models. It give the image more dimension without shading, and when used as a 3D reference it’s perfect.


A graphite drawing

This was a very basic exorcise but, I really enjoyed it. It helped me realize that creating the illusion of a 3D drawings can be as easy as creating a few perspective lines.


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