3D Modeling

These are projects I’m working or have worked on.

Kitchen Scene

Kitchen Scene

I thought I’d have a go at different kinds of textures to form a scene. I still think I could tweak the lighting a bit, however I think it turned out quite nice.

Brock Samson - Venture Brothers

Brock Samson – Venture Brothers

I decided to practice reading obscure references and to do this, I modeled Brock Samson from the TV series The Venture Bros. I used only scenes from the show as references in order to practice dimensions and proportions. I also took advantage of cell rendering to get him to look more like I wanted.

Old Train

Old Train

A 2-4 hour project, that took more time then I originally planned. It was definitely a learning experience. There is a chance I may go back to this model to fine tune it.

Revolutionary Cannon

Revolutionary Cannon

I created this cannon for two reasons. One I love history, and Two cannon’s are freaking awesome! It was a very simple process and took me about 30 min to an hour to make. It has 2000 poly’s and I could probably shave a good chunk of those off. Overall a fun model, and hopefully I’ll work on some more stuff from this era.

3D Head Model

This was my first attempt at 3D modeling a head. The project took a lot of dedication, especially starting off, but once I worked my way around the learning curve I was good to go.

Treasure Chest

A fun attempt at a low poly, detailed chest. At first I tried to make it a single mesh, but quickly learned it is much easier to separate things like the handles and the lock.



This model was one of last I had done in my basic 3D modeling class. The model is of a Coleman lantern, the main goal to this practice was to model a seemingly complex object, within a reasonable amount of time.


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